ThermoSpectorGTC for Gas Turbines

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Our ThermoSpectorGTC modular testing equipment for high temperaturetemperature
Measure of thermal energy density
gas turbine components carries out (depending on the selection of the respective module) the following measurement and testing tasks in a non-destructive and quick manner:

We offer both - fully automated testing equiment for highest flow capacity as well as flexible systems for comfortable and cost-efficient testing of constantly changing gas turbine components (e.g. in R&D environment). Due to our decennial construction experience a quick assembly/­disassem­bly or even a transport of the complete system (e.g. for on-site testing at different sites) is possible.

Visit us and let us demonstrate the unique performance of our technolo­gy with your own gas turbine components. The investment in one of our testing systems is already depreciated by only one avoided failure of a gas turbine!


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